What’s a Happy Future to me?

Yesterday’s evening, I managed to participate in the Singapore Night Festival – an annual event that I really applaud the Singapore government for doing. The whole thing was just really artsy, happening, and best of fall, free.

Anyway, this post is not really about the festival and how awesome the government of Singapore is. I was really tempted to write about my experience when I was visiting Genesis – an exhibition of a wonderful collection of black-and-white photos about different places and people across the world. Although in black and white all the photos were really awakening; they are stunning and breath-taking and they got me to realize a type of happiness, which I would really dream to live my life for.


As I gazed at each still image of different places (some looking unearthly, magic, and weirdly awesome), I felt a surge of inexplicable emotion, something between peaceful, curious, baffling, and longing. I want to be there, standing in the position of those lucky and awesome photographers and viewing those awesomeness of the world, with my own naked eyes. What if I could spent at least 1 hour in each of those places laying on my back and breathing in, breathing out its air while staring lazily into those stunning scenarios? What if I could live to do that in all places featured in that collection? I say, that’s happiness. I say, that’s the dream of my life.

At that moment, I’ve decided to work my ways to manage to spend at least a few years living in each continent – a few years in Europe, a few years in Americas, a few years in Africa, a few years in the middle east, a few years in the Pacific. Will I be able to do that? I hope I will.

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