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Extraordinary Leadership to Anticipate!

The time has come for the hero to rise. Since its independence from the colonization of Cambodia under the French, no national leaders have seemed to be internationally and historically recognized as the one with the outstanding world-class leadership – the leadership that is non-deluding, selfless, powerful, transformational, revolutionary, and any adjective that the ideal leadership for Cambodia encompasses.

Cambodia was growing well under the leadership of King Norodom Sihanouk during the 1950s but only to fall very miserably under one of the darkest regimes this country’s history has ever seen during the 1970s.

Then, a new leader arose, Hun Sen, with the help of the Vietnamese, managed to overthrow the very dark regime of the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s and brought Cambodia up to light again. However, his leadership hasn’t been proven amazing enough, with him and his elite group having about 3 decades to lead the entire nation. With all the favorable conditions, more than 30 years after its “rebirth”, Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in the world. That leadership, I would say, is an OK one, if a not bad one.

I do hope I live to see the rise of an extraordinary leadership, the leadership that would vow the world, and that would bring Cambodia on its road to enjoy the power, the prosperity, and the glory that it once had. I’m excited to see, whose name would immediately trigger in people’s heads when Cambodia is talked about, would be always respected, would always be glorified and thought of with gratitude and admiration even hundreds of years after his/her living.

I hope he/she was already born. I hope his/her life has been blessed with all the righteous surroundings where his/her talent are being optimized towards its fullest potential and where great love, commitment, bravery, vision, selflessness and willingness to make necessary sacrifices for this country has been been nurtured. I hope to see the rise of THE EXTRAORDINARY leadership that Cambodia and millions of its people have been dying for.

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From inside the Shoes of the Powerful

Almost 10 months since the last national election, the government of Cambodia is still somehow in deadlock. The opposition can’t seem to let go of their demand for “justice” and democratic resolutions, while the one in power can’t seem to care any less. On the International Labour Day, May 1, we saw some ridiculous acts and frustrating news – with again civilians and even a reporter being injured.

An image I saw shared on facebook, of a reporter having been beaten down for doing his job in the name of free press!

Why is this happening? Let’s try to look at this whole things by putting ourselves in our PM’s shoes: Continue reading From inside the Shoes of the Powerful

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How Did the Way Things Are Now Get to Be?

We are of the same nationality, born and raised in the same society and country. The fact that those politicians have done grave wrongdoings, have lived like leeches to feed on the well-beings of others, have contributed to a regime that is full of injustice, corruption, wealth disparity, and individual misuse and exploitation of collective resources does not make them any less human of you are. It does not make you any better person than them. If your fate were reversed, if fate had brought you to be where they were, I believe you would most likely turn as corrupt, as evil, as inconsiderate, as blood-sucking, and as inhumane.

If everybody in this society is pretty much the same, why is it such? What do we need to fix so that the future is written differently? Do we need to fix education? I think so, but I don’t think it is the only thing to fix. Many of those corrupt government officials, many of the powerful, who have for years been feeding this ugly regime, have got great education, got degrees abroad in highly developed societies.

In my opinion, it all is highly sophisticated. It’s not just education to bear the responsibility. It’s not just the Ministry of Education playing a role in reforming the future. 4 years of higher education, started at the age of 20, can’t be enough, can’t be that effective to reform the whole system encoded in a person’s head, in their thinking process, in their perspective of the world, in their approaches towards lives and others, which have taken their past 20 years to develop and shape.

I think, every single factor that plays a part in shaping cognitive development and growth of a person  needs to be thoroughly examined, including how a child is raised at early stage, both at home, at a daycare centre, and at school. All the contributing factors need to be designed to build a well-rounded person who values fairness, respect and compassion towards others, unity, love for environment and its ecology, etc. and rejects extreme selfishness, corruption, unethical acts, such as human trafficking, human right violation, corruption, and exploitation of various forms. The whole system must be coded to values the right and reject the wrongs.

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Peace (?) or Democracy? Peace (?) or Stepping out of our Comfort Zone?

It’s the choice that Cambodia and her people have to make. A lot of people have already cried their voice for peace, while others are still intrigued by the thought to protest, to fight for justice and for what they think is right, claiming that they are fighting for democracy. Continue reading Peace (?) or Democracy? Peace (?) or Stepping out of our Comfort Zone?

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