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Have your name on it! ;)

Woohoo! Have you seen Coke cans with the customized names on them? I have ones for my sister and her friend. They’re going to keep these forever. Thank you, Coca Cola! These cans are going to be available in the market very soon. You can also find ones for all family members and friends as a gift for them!
យូហ៊ូ អ្នក​មាន​បាន​ឃើញ​កំប៉ុង​កូកា​ថ្មី​ដែល​មាន​ឈ្មោះ​ហើយ​ឬនៅ? ខ្ញុំ​បាន​ទិញ​វា​១​ដែរ​ឲ្យប្អូនស្រីនិង​មិត្តរបស់នាង។ ពួក​គេ​ប្រាកដ​​ជា​នឹង​ទុក​វា​រហូត​ហើយ​មើល​ទៅ ហាហា។ អរគុណ​កូកា​កូឡា​! កំប៉ុង​ទាំង​នេះ​នឹង​មា​ន​លើ​ទីផ្សារ​ក្នុង​ពេល​ឆាប់ៗ​នេះ។  អ្នកអាច​រក​កំប៉ុងបែបនេះសំរាប់ក្រុមគ្រួសារ​និងមិត្តភក្តិអ្នក​ អោយ​ជា​កាដូ​ដល់​ពួក​គេ!
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Something Special for Our Friends?

Life wouldn’t be the same without great friends. Share this special friends Coke can with your best ones and let them know how much they mean to you.
ជីវិត​ពិត​ជា​មិន​ដូច​គ្នា​ទេ​បើ​គ្មាន​មិត្តភក្តិ។ ចែក​រំលែក​កូកា​កំប៉ុង​ថ្មី នេះទៅកាន់​ពួក​ម៉ាក​សំខាន់​អ្នក​ ហើយ​ឲ្យពួក​គេ​ដឹង​ថា​ពួក​មាន​ន័យ​ប៉ុន្មាន​ចំពោះ​អ្នក។
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ShareACoke with Your Classmates

How cool is that? A Coke specially designed for those to present and dedicate to their friends and classmates! Share with the ones who make schools fun.

អីក៏ឡូយ​យ៉ាង​នេះ!!​ កំប៉ុង​កូកា​សំរាប់​ពួក​ម៉ាក! ចែក​រំលែករំលែក​​កំប៉ុង​ពិសេស​នេះ​​ ជាមួយ​នឹង​មិត្ត​រួម​សាលាអ្នក​ទៅ​! ជាមួយនឹងមនុស្សដែលធ្វើអោយសាលារៀនពោរពេញទៅដោយភាពសប្បាយរីករាយ!

‪#‎ShareACoke‬ Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Company

Longdy_14 May

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Happy Mother’s Day!

How often do we get to make our Mom feel special? Now you can just by giving her the ‘Mom’ Coke can to make her happy on Mother’s Day :)))

តើអ្នកអាចធ្វើឲ្យម៉ាក់របស់អ្នកមានអារម្មណ៌ពិសេសញឹកញាប់ប៉ុនណ្ណា? ឥលូវអ្នកអាចធ្វើបាន ដោយគ្រាន់តែជូនកំប៉ុងកូកាមានអក្សរ “អ្នកម៉ាក់” ដើម្បីអបអរទិវាមាតាថ្ងៃនេះ!! ‪#‎ShareACoke‬ Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Company


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The Joy of Sharing

Last Sunday as I was doing my little grocery and I came across something very familiar; the hypermart seemed rather red and a bunch of customers were gathering around a big pile of boxes of one of all-time favorite red-canned drinks – Coca-Cola.

As i went closer to peek, I realized it was the Share-A-Coke campaign – the same campaign that I just saw my friends posted about on Facebook the other day, which has recently took Cambodia markets by storm. The Cambodia Beverage Company introduced Coca Cola cans customized in Khmer in Cambodia; people just got thrown into the vibe  of sharing, giving, and receiving – of the campaigns with local names and customization typical of Cambodians and their lifestyle. Words that we all can relate to – like ឪពុក​ (father), ម្តាយ (mother), ប្អូនស្រី (sister), etc. are clearly visible on each Coca Cola can, available at local store across the country.

What a cool thing to do – thinking of someone to share our love with, with a special can of Coke!

Today, I’m sharing and sending my love all the way to Cambodia, to my beloved people – my sister and my​ grandmom. I hope they enjoyed the cold fizzling drink amidst the hot Cambodian summer, as much as they felt the miss I’ve sent along with the Cokes.


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