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F.A.Q. about the U.A.E.

When words like Arab, Dubai, UAE, etc. get mentioned, what questions usually come to your mind? From my experience having been there twice, a few questions keep appearing, so I reckon this post will help people become more aware about this part of the world, especially among people from what I come from.

What’s the point of all wealth and all the expensive fashionable shopping, when most Arab ladies cover themselves almost completely in black?

arab clothing
In their culture, women’s privacy is highly respected, especially after they get married. Because of culture, religion and how the role of a woman and a wife is perceived, a lot of women choose the way to dress. Some completely cover themselves completely, even their face (covering their face with a thinner piece of black over their entire fact), some leave only their eyes uncovered, some leave their face cloth-free but put on certain type of jewelry over their nose, and some leave their faces uncovered.

In fact, they only cover themselves in such black clothing when in public. When in the comfort of their family and at home, they go in their normal clothing, with jewelry and whatever they want to put on themselves to make them feel beautiful. This black cloth is only used to cover themselves in public premises. Continue reading F.A.Q. about the U.A.E.

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“How many wives do you have?”

In Islam, men are allowed to have up to 4 wives, which is definitely something men of other religions can secretly feel jealous of.

For an Arab man I met in the UAE, it was not the first time he was asked this same questions; he’s already very used to the question and has by now become very fluent in giving the answers that can very well get rid of this stereotype from our heads.

He started by telling a story about this experience in Switzerland. Continue reading “How many wives do you have?”

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Democracy – the best case practice? Not really, in nations like the United Arab Emirates!


A week-long trip in the UAE opened my eyes to a new perspective of leadership; a different type of leadership and government has really shined its way through all density of hot air across the desert.

Continue reading Democracy – the best case practice? Not really, in nations like the United Arab Emirates!

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