This website was created out of a desire to build a space, to tell a story and put into use my experience of challenges and rewards, hardship and comfort, failures and successes, as I continue to explore life. The idea was inspired when I learn to acknowledge how small and short this life is amid billions of others, all of whom hardly makes up a tiny atom-sized object within the universe, whose magnitude the human intelligence has yet to fully comprehend.


About the Author


At the age of 25, almost 3 years since graduation, I decided to quit my job and take a 3-month break from all full-time responsibilities (after having done that for more than 2.5 years), partly in order to take time to establish this space. For a moment, I think at this time around, it’s too critical a time to dive headfirst into helping others to achieve their dreams; I think I don’t have all the time in the world to pursue and do something for myself. That’s why I made this decision to be where I am now, basically to take all the time I need to build an assurance that no matter what I am going to do or no matter whom I am going to work for, I am not going too far from my dream, my passion and my belief. It’s now or never that I worked to establish something that I have always wanted to do.

I have always had in my mind the idea of one day having a well-received website of my own, where I can organize and share my thought and my experience. I also have this obsession of loving to read my own work, so I reckon even if no one is going to like and bother to spend time reading my pieces, I will always at least have myself as the fan. I have been feeling something is missing, the sense of achievement. Despite having done many, I still feel I haven’t done anything concrete to feel majorly proud of. I’m hoping this project will be – something that is going to stay and remain forever some legacy that I can always remember feeling proud of.

So being an inspiring writer is one of my dream things to do. I also enjoy travelling and have great pride in having invested in travelling. I have been to 25 different countries other than Cambodia and besides my homeland, Italy was my home for almost one year.

What I believe shaped me the most, in a good way, is AIESEC, the world’s youth-run organization that I was a part of for about 4 years, including 2 years of full-time work after university. It taught me to go unconventional and to fight for what I believe in; it taught me to not easily settle down with a typical lifestyle like everyone else’; it taught me to keep exploring and developing myself. I have taken adventure of exploration and although I haven’t really found a final answer to this quest, I’ve learnt to enjoy the process.

Talking about career goal, as a generalist, I aspire to be a manager, a leader and an entrepreneur of efforts that are impactful to societies. I am going to pursue it via a career in a multinational company and then an entrepreneur of an impactful business in Cambodia. My next step from here would be to go to and get an honor degree from an international business school.