Stepping into Taiwan

Now that I got an opportunity to write more about my travelling experience, I would like to share with you all a very beautiful trip I had in October this year, in a very beautiful country, Taiwan. It was definitely a very heart-touching experience, not because I went to do so many adventurous things, at super amazing places with breathtaking landscapes; it was because of so many little things combined together – the food, the weather, that activities that I did, the little places that I visited and of course the people and friends. Everything put together to make up a very beautiful experience that has gotten me to always have something nice to say about Taiwan.

As part of AIESEC and the president of AIESEC in Cambodia, I was offered the privilege by one of my president friends to chair one of the national conferences of AIESEC Taiwan. Peggy, the president of AIESEC in Taiwan gave me the trust to help empower about 200 of her members, which was kinda of overwhelming at first without any experience chairing or even facilitating an AIESEC conference abroad. After giving me some time, I accepted the offer. (It would be plain stupid to reject it).

So that’s how I got to step feet on the Taiwanese land with minimal cost. 🙂

On the evening of October 17, after such a tedious process of applying for a Taiwanese visa from an office in Ho Chi Minh, I finally got in a hand my passport with the visa. (The process was with a lot of uncertainty and for a few weeks since I started the application, I was never sure of actually getting it.) But fortunately I did receive the visa just one night before my flight to Taiwan. On the morning of Oct 18, I went to the Phnom Penh International Airport and board the Cathy Pacific Airline to Hong Kong and to Taiwan. (It was actually about 2 years since I lasted went abroad through this airport. So it was really excited!)

Condolences to our late King Father

The journey was very long, as it doesn’t involve long hours bus ride like what I had to through in 4 or 5 trips before this one. It took me less than three hours to reach Hong Kong, less than an hour to wait for a connecting flight, and a bit more than an hour to reach Taiwan from HK.

Then I was in Taiwan, the country that I had heard so much about, from many of friends that have been there, from quite a few movies that I watched when I was a kid, and from so many other sources. The weather was quite cool, which was really cool. It was even more awesome when I had 2 beautiful ladies and another president friend (President of AIESEC Malaysia) sitting at the waiting area to greet me. 🙂

Oh before that, I was a bit delay at the immigration office, not because I was stopped. Basically, I had to fill in an immigration form and one of things to fill was the address of my stay in Taipei. I didn’t have it printed out, didn’t write it down anywhere, so I had to check my email. I was going around to find free-wifi and although it was difficult but I found it. I managed to check my email but then the address was written in Chinese (traditional Chinese) 😀 I had no choice but to bring my phone to the immigration check lady and she willingly helped me fill it in. It was not so difficult afterwards.

So that’s how I got to Taiwan. In later posts, you’ll find out more about specific experiences I had there.

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