Upon My Arrival in Malta

After only an hour or two we reached Malta. The time we were landing, it was already dark, so unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy the I-supposed amazing beauty of this small island country from the sky. It was glimmering with night lights, though.

From the airport, instead of paying a lot for taxi, we waited a little a while, of course many other passengers, for a bus that goes straight to Valetta (the capital city of Malta). I remembered we went some really small roads, with a lot of turns, and the journey took a while not because the airport was so far away; it was just that the bus couldn’t go that fast. When in Valetta, we need to catch another bus to another district (less than 15mn away) where the hotel we booked is. The main area with the reception was along the main street and once we checked in, we were led to another building (also owned by the hotel) around 5mn walk away. Anyhow, it was only around 9 euro per person per night. The room was actually really night, and considering the price offered, it’s muchhhh better than hostels in other European countries (which are of course more expensive). We had one room with 3 beds, a TV, and a kitchen, and it was pretty cold then, so we didn’t air-condition. Continue reading Upon My Arrival in Malta

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