Italy to Malta

Time flies. Within something like just a blink of an eye, more than 2 years has already passed, since I last visited one of the smallest countries in the world, Malta. So, with nostalgia, let me tell about my unforgettable trip to Malta.

After quite a tiring trip around Christmas 2010 to a few countries in Europe, around mid-Jan I took off to a country I had known nothing about and hadn’t even heard of. Despite some class activities, I took a break and went on a trip of a lifetime, with a friend from China. Both of us flew to Malta from Venice with RyanAir on extremely, extremely cheap fares. The whole return flights cost us only 2 euros (something that people could easily dropped their jaw hearing; I also had a lot of fun always telling people about it.

I remember dragging my luggage from my residence and walked towards the train station. It was pretty long and tiring but I did it, arriving at the train station earlier than my friend. When he was here; we rushed to buy our tickets to Treviso to take our flight there. I was following Shangru, just going on whichever train he would take, without even bothering to check if it was the right train to catch. On the train, there was no free seat, so we just stood there by the doors, with a few other people.

As the train departed, things started to get really interesting. One man on the train was fined by the ticket controller for not having proper ticket; he was written a fine ticket or something. Standing right next to them, I was kind of worried that they were going to ask us to show our tickets (especially because we’re Asian), although I had nothing to worry about knowing that it was the right ticket that we bought. To cut down any suspicion, I held my ticket in a way that showed I had a ticket. I guess it worked no-one bother to check with us. However, we would surely be in hot water, if they would as we were on the WRONG train, not to Treviso but to Verona. We got off the train reconfirmed that we really were in Verona not Treviso. So we waited to take the train to Treviso from Verona to leave, without buying another ticket (it’s something we were supposed to do but didn’t, trying to get away with it). We went into the train compartment finding our comfortable seats. It was the first compartment after the head of the train, and the one responsible for checking the ticket was also sitting in that same compartment, only a few seats away from us. How lucky we were that we weren’t asked to show our ticket. Maybe the ticket controller thought we’d got balls to sit so closely to them and that we would never cheat sitting so closely to the controller. 😀

It was a relief when we finally got off the train arriving in Treviso finally. The problem didn’t end there; we, especially Shangru, were really concerned as we were only 45mn away before our flying time; he was insisting that we catch a taxi. I was like; it was fine. If we’d miss the flight, so what? It’s only 2 euro flight anyway, not knowing how much I would regret not making it in that Malta trip.

In panic, we met a Filipino lady with her daughter at the bus station and reconfirmed us that the airport was only less than 15 mn away and we were going to catch our flight just on time. We calmed down and enjoyed our brief bus ride to the airport.

At the airport we said goodbye to our new friends and ran to check in. At the check point, I was so worried that I’d be fine and/or asked to leave my hand luggage as it was pretty big, but it was all fine. I was allowed in. I just love the Italians; they are just so easier-going and understanding J, unlike the German airport staff that I met during my other trip in Germany (with that same hand luggage)…

So there we were ready to board the plane in the last minute, for an amazing journey in a very beautiful, little country, called Malta.

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