Bled, Slovenia

December 17, 2010 – So it has already been two years ago when I was in this trip that I’m going to describe. Time did fly so fast, so really fast that the past 2 years seems so short that I still remember vivid my beautiful times spent in Slovenia.

Taking the trains from Padua to visit this country, we had only 2 cities in mind, Bled and its capital city Ljubljana. After more than half a day of travelling, my travelling buddy, Shangru, and I were finally in Bled. It was my first touch of snow and really cold weather, and it all made things super exciting. It was getting dark and I couldn’t see much of the city at all, but I was still very excited.

With the guys that gave us a lift

Dropped off at our hostel by a couple of gentlemen (one of them wrote a book about some politics, whose title I don’t quite remember. He did encourage us to read the book when it’s out), we were at a hostel where we thought we booked our room. It turned out to be a different hostel, when we went in. Fortunately, though, the one that we were looking for was just within our walking distance. We just need to walk a bit of the hill, about 50mm away, and there we went, at a hostel whose owner couldn’t be found; it seemed like the owner was on holiday. We went in a pub nearby, asking if someone could help us check with the owner of that hostel. He couldn’t quite help us with that, but he had spare places in his own hostel to give us. Despite some hesitation, we decided to stay and take those 2 beds available.

Our places for the night

Having left our stuff in the room, we went out for dinner. We were walking for a while, trying to decide where we could buy for dinner. I remember going into one pizzeria but then deciding to walk out; I can’t quite remember the reason why though. Maybe the menu wasn’t very good or it was just expensive. So we walked on for a short while and found another restaurant. We checked it out and decided to settle with one big meal for the 2 of us. It cost us around 25 euros for a big plate of meat and potato, which we couldn’t even finish. It was a big reward for ourselves after such long hours of travelling. I gotta say it was good but it wasn’t very special, in a sense, I mean, the food. It was basically, fried meat with french fries. I still loved the meal though; after all, it was in a decent restaurant, like a real tourist. lol

The one where we had our first dinner in Slovenia

That’s how much we had for dinner 😀

After that big dinner, we went back to our hostel for a while, and then we went out for a stroll around that amazing lake in Bled. The whole city seemed to be sleeping. Since the time we arrived, we hardly saw any movement at all. It all just seems so quiet and mysterious, just like in one of those movies where the actors reached a quiet, somehow haunting city where no-one seemed to be around. Yeah, trying to picture it all, it felt just like that. However, I guess the excitement and everything just chase all these spookiness away. I was just having fun, touching snow and feeling the freezing weather.

We went off the road onto the park by the lake covered in snow. From then we took off on our errand around the lake. It wasn’t just some 20 to 30 mn stroll; the lake was actually pretty big and it did took a pretty long and tiring walk to arrive back to finish the circle and arrive back at where we started. It was kinda bold walking in the semi-dark air, and during the entire walk I only remember encountering a few passing by.

Looking back, how amazing it all was. The snow, the walk, the ice, the light, the trees, the duck and goose swimming around the lake, the quiet atmosphere where everyone seemed to be hibernating inside their home celebrating this near-Christmas time with their family! How beautiful! How nostalgic!

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